My Dreamhome Builder Inc. Design & Construction started with a dream almost 3 decades ago. It began as a family enterprise in roofing business headed by the father of the soon-to-be owner of My DBI. What started as a source of family livelihood became a lifelong journey in chasing a man’s dream, a dream to build a delightful home for everyone. This dream came about by transferring from one house to the next while he was growing up.




In 2004, the roofing business became popularly known in Western Batangas area as GL Steel. With the product line of only roofs, trusses and scaffolds at the time, the reputation for quick delivery and quality workmanship arose.

In 2008, with untiring passion to chase his vision, The Dreamer behind My DBI sought for business partners in real estate industry that will bring his dreams come to life. The roofing business then became a full-fledged design and construction company that have built numerous premier houses and establishments for several years since then. Due to the remarkable presence in the industry, the design and construction company attracted the attention of many.

In 2014, in endless pursuit of excellence, The Dreamer came about building a new company that will realize his real vision to build dream homes based on stability and integrity.